There are a lot of blogs these days on FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early), but most seem to be from people planning to either have no kids or only one.

There are a lot of blogs on “homesteading,” but most that I’ve seen are a little…loopy.  They have some good info sometimes, but I feel a little like I’m talking to an airhead.

Since I enjoy writing – even though I haven’t found time to indulge much in the process in several years – I decided to try to fill the hole.  Perhaps I will discover that I lack the necessary knowledge to create enough interesting posts to keep a blog regularly updated and to continue to intrigue readers.  Perhaps I will find myself merely chattering to the Internet equivalent of walls as I revert to posts of a purely personal nature, prating about the antics of my children.  Or perhaps this blog will actually be of some use to someone, somewhere.  That’s the most I can ask.


Audiobook Review: Keep on Believing by Marie Higgins

“Keep On Believing” is a retelling of the well-known fairytale “Cinderella”. While I admit the concept was intriguing, I can’t make up my mind how well I think it was done. Ella Spencer, a young woman in her early twenties, takes her ten-years-younger brother Billy and runs away from their step-mother Rodmilla’s house to set …


Confession:  I’m not actually pregnant (right now).  I do have two lovely children, and I make no statements regarding how many more I may or may not have in the future!  I believe it is in James that we are told that “boasting” about the future is evil.  😉

On the other two points, barefoot is my preferred state and I do seem to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  Drew wishes I would spend even more time there, as he is only allowed to have his chair in the kitchen to investigate the counters when either my husband or I am in there with him.

While my post-secondary education is in music (B.A. Music, emphasis in voice from John Brown University and MFA Music Composition for the Screen from Columbia College Chicago), I am a self-taught web developer and Excel guru.  I enjoy working on a good script or Excel problem when I have free time.


If you have questions for me or wish to employ me for some web or Excel work (or music, but it is harder to work on music right now), you can reach me at

katzenlieben at hotmail dot com

Someday, I may add a proper contact form, but since this blog is pretty much a hobby, sprucing it up is not at the top of my to-do list just at the moment…:-)